Venture Deals Course Notes
2019 . 01 . 28

Last Fall, i signed up for Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s excellent Venture Deals course. They provide a useful introduction to the steps, players and dynamics of raising a round of venture financing.

Some useful external links:


Week 1: Introduction

The Players

How VCs make Money

Week 2: How to Raise Money

Common mistakes raising money

Financing Stages

How VC funds work

VC Reserves

Week 3: Cap tables and convertible debt

Cap Table

Cash Flow

Dangers of Convertible Debt

Convertible Debt

Convertible Debt Mechanics

Interest rates and convertible debt

Early stage deals

How are terms different in early versus later financing?


Week 4: Term Sheets: Economics and Control

Week 5: Term Sheets, part two

Week 6: Negotiations

Week 7: Acquisition/LOI (letter of intent)