Keeping up with the Cryptos
2018 . 11 . 05

The crypto world evolves quickly. I’ve found the following sources to be very useful for staying on top of weekly news.

  1. Token Daily: newsletter with short news clips, aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences. Don’t miss their Tuesday Deep Dives. I always read this.

  2. Week in Ethereum: newsletter. This goes into a ton of detail on just Ethereum. Its SO much detail that I can’t keep up, but I like to quickly browse once in a while.

  3. Proof of Work: weekly newsletter. This collects updates from a bunch of projects, in short bullet-form. I like having it around to search for, when I want to learn about some project, but hard to keep up with.

  4. Crypto Weekly: newsletter. 3-4 quality news reports from the week. Events in the bay area.

  5. Bitcoin Optech: weekly newsletter. High technical quality updates on bitcoin-core, and lightning projects.

  6. Startup Digest - Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area. Weekly newsletter for startup events in the bay area. Often has some crypto links.

  7. I have curated the following lists on twitter: crypto, bitcoin, ethereum. These give me news and entertainment at the same time :). Feel free to subscribe to them.